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Going International baby ;)

In July 2014 you got the chance to plan your dream fake wedding in the following countries:

- Spain
- France
- Italy
- United Kingdom
- Germany
- Switzerland
- Czech Republic
- Austria
- Hungary
- Romania
- Moldova
- Croatia
- Poland

In 2015:

- Denmark
- Norway
- Schweden
- Finland

and the best also in 2015:

- Barbados
- Guadeloupe
- Cuba

Stay tuned!

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Welcome to my fake wedding :)

Are you bored of the same wedding procedures? The same photos? The same traditions? You don't want all that people to be there and stress your wedding day? You think is time for a change in your life but you don't want any commitments? You want just great memories and finally wear that fabulous wedding dress or your favorite suite?

The "Fake Wedding" will offer so called: faux weddings and vow renewals!!!

That’s right, “faux weddings”. Couples can have all the fun of a real wedding without the legally binding union.

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